Sunday, September 22, 2013

ALL in one Profits Update

Hi there freinds!

Just writing this post to share with you the latest All in one Profits update I received from the admin today:
An  AIOP update to let everyone know how the things are going on and touch some important things:

1. Current servers status after upgrading them:
Everything is in place and even better after we moved to better and high power servers.Our products and services are working on different servers and connected between them, all the moving the sites in the same time are fixed.Those who have hosting accounts will see now the Softaculous installer, the latest and the best installer that replaced Fantastico.

2. Spamming and Inbox delivery - Things you should know for any business building According to google, the spam rate is quantified by the Content of your sent emails not only the subject used. Also, make sure that the personal email address you are using is also authorized and safe, because all the mails sent via AIOP are showing first your own email address like via If your email address has issues or look suspicious,  will reach in spam.
Our servers are sending all the required informations to email providers, in header codes, including the return DNS,the IP and everything required,  BUT we cannot help you with your own email address or your own content!
Also if you really want to do online marketing and network marketing,  try to avoid using boxbe, earthlink, aol, verisone or other providers that block without reasons the emails and the senders  that interest you and you are working with.

What we do for a while is listing with Success, as safe our ip  to the majority of the email providers. What you must do to help yourself with  AIOP advertising and your any other business is this:
a) check the email adresses we posted under the News button in AIOP members area, and Whitelist them, adding  to your addressbook- contacts
b) using gmail ? Make a Filter and set it to  Never send to spam
c) check your spam/junk folder always and click Not Spam for any email coming from AIOP and also AIOP Members! Very important to help your own advertising efforts  no matter what Other  business you are  building  using AIOP services!
d) use a spam Safe content always for your letters is essential !!!!

3. Those who use STP as payment processor- you may have noticed that STP upgraded their script. As usual it gives big problems to STP users. You should check your STP accounts,see if everything is ok there, because people experience a lot of issues, with funding, and paying via STP. We  handle the recurring subscriptions manually for STP till they come back to normal but if you encounter problems with your AIOP subscriptions via STP, please let us know! If STP doesn`t come to normal during the next week we will take other measures to help everyone using STP.

4. Nearest Future Projects . Now we are working on 2 things, that will take a while but will be great:
- Redesign and update the Autoresponder (already in work) and redesign and update the AIOP main site (scheduled for next month)
- Next week will start the work on our earlier project of  adding the 3rd level  of upgrade for AIOP which will be different of the first two and will bring something new for Sponsors.
Our Even up system (protected under the trade mark copyright and intellectual propriety) will have different options according to the upgarde level.
- We`ll reach soon at 6000 active users, so we decided to set a points system to reward the AIOP affiliates. Working on this to get the best of it for members.

5.New  Promo codes, Special for AIOP Members Only - already added in members area under the News button. Thank you to all offering the free special codes  for AIOP members.

Last added is for Mailer Cashin - David Wright - who  is also launching today
a  brand  New Advertising site with Solos/banners with  a super fast 1x3 cycler added to enhance the earnings  potential. Launching in about 4-5 hours but
you may take a look  and a spot right now
(The advertising site is connected to the TurboCashSolo Network so ads are spreading.)

4.Teams around AIOP - Warm welcome the new teambuild lead by Mirel Besho.With this we count no less than 8 teambuilds. We do appreciate and support all the groups and teams promoting AIOP as well as each and every individual. As you may know we try to help everyone
as much as possible.
Reason to ask the teambuild using the AIOP site header on a Matrix team site, to replace it proper. Please, read the TOS.

5. Thank you for all your  messages and feedback emailed  to us, we like to believe that we are building the AIOP family. We recommend you also to  use the Testimonials feature and post your messages ( and your referral link for any business including AIOP)

5. Hiring staff - support, marketing assistant manager, programming. Set the requirements and analyzing the options, but is still an open offer.

Wishing you a safe and prosperous week ahead,

AIOP Management Team

Saturday, September 21, 2013

First AIOP Payment

Hi there friends!

Yesterday I requested my first payment from All in one Profits and today I got my payment notification in my inbox :)
You see I've earned a total of $20 so far. Not much but at least it is something :) My monthly fee is almost covered: you know you "almost" break even with just one referral. Why almost? Because of the processor fees.
Here is the screen shot from my PayPal account:
So let's keep working on this one and try to get some more referrals :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Placed at Nr. 12

Hi there friends!

Today we received an email form the AIOP admin. They are offering some good stuff for the members who actively participate in the team build. I'm quite happy as I'm in 12th place in the "Top Hitters" list :P  maybe that doesn't look quite impressive but I'm really happy as I do not have too much time to surf for hits to my referral link...
Here is the email:
Hello AIOP Teambuild,
Welcome to our new team members!

Team best results are posted in team area. The efforts are rewarded with what I can offer:
Ad packs, matrix positions at WMN,STM,AIOP.
Next month will be more.
The team got a reward offer for August already from Margot Lawrence..

Now, I am seriously thinking about adding WMN as second income for the team.
I  know very well the program structure, the matrix, the all was done there.
Adding it as second income for team would be also based on a team PIF pool.
We can PIF new members or take new positions for team, in rotation.
I would like to see your feedback to this idea.
Other thing....Let`s move Mike from NIL position, i know is summer and is slow,
but the new referrals are coming mostly from you personal advertising.
Is that more responsible done ?
We have a special tool that can be used very well as long as we do a sustained and responsible advertising, but i cannot work for all. The autolink can move forth and back while you can do also your own personal advertising.
Please, sponsor follow the guide in team area to contact your free and upgraded
referrals. Referrals answer please to sponsors emails when they try to connect with you.
Again, if come of you would like to form small subteams using the same team page but duplicated, that can be done. Just know it takes serious efforts for a small group. Using the same team page would help tough.
AIOP Teambuild Admin
So I will be trying to work a bit harder for this month and try to rank a bit higher ;P

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A little more info about the Compensation Plan

Hi there!

Just wanted to share with you the great power of the All in one Profits Compensation Plan.

AIOP uses an even up referral system. It is all about multiplying to infinity wide and deep! Not with1, 2, or 4 but… to infinity! The potential is huge!

The Even up system is Better than any other matrix, straight line, 2up, 3up, 4up or any up system. While a 2up, 4up or 5-6up system is limited at  2 or 4 or 5-6  number of referrals you can receive from each member in your downline/powerline, our Even up system is passing to you all the even referrals from  all your downline, down to infinity.

Even if it looks like you pass too many referrals to your sponsor it is not so, you pass only the even referrals across the width.
But think: You, as sponsor, will receive all the Even referrals passed to you by your  deep downline. And all your direct fixed referrals will start a new downline  for you that will pass up all the Even  to you.

How does it work?
If you've taken the time to view the video above you have seen how it works :P
Anyway here is the detailed explanation how the compensation plan works.

  • You pass up all even referrals to your sponsor. You keep all your uneven or odd referrals: Fixed Referrals.
  • You will be paid $10 commission residual income, for each Uneven (odd) upgraded referral you will introduce to the program.
 The great stuff starts when your downline starts building their business as well:
  • You keep all the Uneven (odd) referrals sponsored by you, they are fixed referrals to you.
  • Each fixed referral will start a new line for you. Just imagine! An infinite number of downlines working together to build a business and income!
  • Your fixed referrals will pass to you all their Even referrals. Number 2,4,6,8, infinity.
  • Every  Even referral passed to you will also pass to you all his Even referrals , number 2,4,6, infinity.
  • Starting with your fixed referrals and growing with all the Even(Odd)  referrals passed to you, they all will build your downline (also called powerline, no matter how we call it, is your line).
  • The number of your lines is unlimited. You will have as many fixed referrals as you have as many downlines you will have. Each line will keep growing down to infinity because: Every #2, #4, #6, #8 .... referral of all the people in your downline will be passed up to you and we will pay you $10 residual income for each upgraded member in your downline.
So you can see that this is a really great and powerful income opportunity that will just cost you $10 per month. The best thing about it is that you will break even with just one referral making it really attractive for anyone.
Payment processors available to join are PayPal, Payza and STP.
Any questions welcome ;)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Update from All in one Profits

Hi there!

Here is the new update from All in one Profits
Welcome to all new AIOP members!  Very soon  5000 ACTIVE members.
The Basic level Ad co-op is opened again since last night. You can check it your members area.
We will suspend it on a regular basis until the queue is empty again.
The views are not delivered very fast because we really use credit mailers, TAE, traffic exchanges,social media submission.We don`t buy traffic in bulk just to impress you with the fast number of views sent.
So, when the queue is full, the buying is suspended until we empty it.
As reminder- we do not guarantee sign ups, that would be really odd, but we do guarantee quality unique views.
Our intention was to add to AIOP a web conference room or call bridge, but since there are a lot of free offersonline anyone can use them, instead of trying to impress members with this, we decided to postpone adding this feature but add some other useful features for AIOP members and instead, driving the funds to the Advertising Network.
Our first profit making advertising site will be live in about 7-10 days, depends on designer and servers transfer.
.............We decided to run a short contest and offer lifetime high level membership for the new program,
which is a credit based mailer,  to 5 AIOP sponsors  with the most upgraded referrals,
starting from Monday, April/08/2013, till the safelist launching.
Please check the News button on your AIOP back office, we will post more advertising offers from partner sites.
For the solos promo code  at  please, send the promo code to
 Admin, David Wright and send him the solo email headline and body, so he will approve/send it to all AI membership.
Please see also the new added offer in AIOP News area.
New promo codes for lots of free credits at Listbuilder Maximizer, DownlineBuilderDirect and Reactiveaz and
Promo codes for free Solos, Text/Banners, surf credits at several advertising sites, all these in a simple randomizing program for only $3 one time, plus small admin fee.The advertising offer is obviously much more valuable than the tiny cost for this simple program that can be also used to sell it and get paid in your own account. But the offer is what stands and looks like more offers and also downloadable products will be added.
Paypal is active for existent subscriptions and will be opened in 24 hours for direct new income subscriptions. Payouts going as usual to all 3 processors. Payoneer and dircet card payment options to be added as soon as possible. We check also Skrill/former  Moneybookers if to add it or not. If Skype is using it maybe worth to us using also.
AIOP is growing thanks to its valuable members. AIOP is paying like clock work.
If you like what we are doing here and have a Testimonial, pot it please from your AIOP back office at Testimonials.
Thank you.

 Enjoy  a wonderful  Sunday,.
Isabela and Johan

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Had a chat with the All in one Profits admin

That was really cool:  had a chat on skype with the All in one Profits Admin & CEO Isabela Capsuna :) I really liked that as it makes me feel more comfortable to see that there is a real person behind the program. It was also funny to see tha we have met before in other programs a few years ago.
If you want you can also add her on skype: you can find her contact details on the All in one Profits website.

Monday, February 11, 2013

100% Comission

Are you a beginner ? A skilled marketer? Doesn`t matter, the program
it is perfect and works for everyone.

You can also use the program to help you promote any other opportunity that
you may be in. It therefore does not interfere with anything else that you may be
working with. In fact, it was meant to enhance such situations.
How cools is that?
For just $10($11.50) a month You are paying for the tools that you need to help
you build your business, become a better promoter, while being able to earn
a nice decent monthly income.

Monthly bills are  residual...Make your Income monthly residual as well !
You really owe it to Yourself to look at All In One Profits and fully understand just
how simple, affordable and extremely lucrative this opportunity really is regardless
of your level of experience.
AIOP has excellent Web Tools every marketer needs to build any business
and a very affordable membership of only $10 +(1.50payment processor fee)
for the Basic membership and pays 100% commission.
You break even with your first referral!!

Joining such a friendly team is always beneficial!
Joining our team is FREE, no additional cost required!
Take a look at the whole site, products, payplan, about us page ;)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just started with All in One Profits :)

Ok, I just started with All in One Profits (AIOP). I got en email from a fellow marketer and after the big fail I suffered with Profit Clicking, Golden Path and Wealth 4 all I decided to give this opportunity a go.
This is different than the businesses I've been working with the last year as here I need to get referrals in order to earn money... I know I know... finding referrals can be a nightmare for many people trying to make money online but believe me, after what I've been through during the last year I want to give it a try :)

All in One Profits costs $11.50 per month and the product you get for that money is:
  • advertising space on the site
  • Web Hosting with 500 MB disk space and 5GB Bandwith and more
  • Autoresponder
  • Tracker
  • Downline Builder
  • Rotator
  • a Bunch of digital products for you to download.....
The Pay plan is an innovative "Even up" system that pays you $10 for each referral in your downline; that's almost a 100% commission!!
Take a look at this video that explain the Payplan:

So what do you think about this? Let's see how this works out ;)
I also joined through the team build inside All in One Profits. The great thing about this team build is that you are also allowed to advertise your own link instead of only having to advertise the team link. I'm going to be advertising both:
My link on websites and emails and the team build link in Traffic Exchanges.
In order to benefit from the team build you need to send at least 900 hits per week to your team build link.
Through the team build you will get 2 downlines. I have no time frame about how long it might take to get into the hot seat and receive those two downlines.
Here on my blog I will advertise both links you if you want to join you can choose to be my personal referral or join through the team build link ;) - Team Build Link - My personal link