Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Placed at Nr. 12

Hi there friends!

Today we received an email form the AIOP admin. They are offering some good stuff for the members who actively participate in the team build. I'm quite happy as I'm in 12th place in the "Top Hitters" list :P  maybe that doesn't look quite impressive but I'm really happy as I do not have too much time to surf for hits to my referral link...
Here is the email:
Hello AIOP Teambuild,
Welcome to our new team members!

Team best results are posted in team area. The efforts are rewarded with what I can offer:
Ad packs, matrix positions at WMN,STM,AIOP.
Next month will be more.
The team got a reward offer for August already from Margot Lawrence..

Now, I am seriously thinking about adding WMN as second income for the team.
I  know very well the program structure, the matrix, the all was done there.
Adding it as second income for team would be also based on a team PIF pool.
We can PIF new members or take new positions for team, in rotation.
I would like to see your feedback to this idea.
Other thing....Let`s move Mike from NIL position, i know is summer and is slow,
but the new referrals are coming mostly from you personal advertising.
Is that more responsible done ?
We have a special tool that can be used very well as long as we do a sustained and responsible advertising, but i cannot work for all. The autolink can move forth and back while you can do also your own personal advertising.
Please, sponsor follow the guide in team area to contact your free and upgraded
referrals. Referrals answer please to sponsors emails when they try to connect with you.
Again, if come of you would like to form small subteams using the same team page but duplicated, that can be done. Just know it takes serious efforts for a small group. Using the same team page would help tough.
AIOP Teambuild Admin
So I will be trying to work a bit harder for this month and try to rank a bit higher ;P