Sunday, September 22, 2013

ALL in one Profits Update

Hi there freinds!

Just writing this post to share with you the latest All in one Profits update I received from the admin today:
An  AIOP update to let everyone know how the things are going on and touch some important things:

1. Current servers status after upgrading them:
Everything is in place and even better after we moved to better and high power servers.Our products and services are working on different servers and connected between them, all the moving the sites in the same time are fixed.Those who have hosting accounts will see now the Softaculous installer, the latest and the best installer that replaced Fantastico.

2. Spamming and Inbox delivery - Things you should know for any business building According to google, the spam rate is quantified by the Content of your sent emails not only the subject used. Also, make sure that the personal email address you are using is also authorized and safe, because all the mails sent via AIOP are showing first your own email address like via If your email address has issues or look suspicious,  will reach in spam.
Our servers are sending all the required informations to email providers, in header codes, including the return DNS,the IP and everything required,  BUT we cannot help you with your own email address or your own content!
Also if you really want to do online marketing and network marketing,  try to avoid using boxbe, earthlink, aol, verisone or other providers that block without reasons the emails and the senders  that interest you and you are working with.

What we do for a while is listing with Success, as safe our ip  to the majority of the email providers. What you must do to help yourself with  AIOP advertising and your any other business is this:
a) check the email adresses we posted under the News button in AIOP members area, and Whitelist them, adding  to your addressbook- contacts
b) using gmail ? Make a Filter and set it to  Never send to spam
c) check your spam/junk folder always and click Not Spam for any email coming from AIOP and also AIOP Members! Very important to help your own advertising efforts  no matter what Other  business you are  building  using AIOP services!
d) use a spam Safe content always for your letters is essential !!!!

3. Those who use STP as payment processor- you may have noticed that STP upgraded their script. As usual it gives big problems to STP users. You should check your STP accounts,see if everything is ok there, because people experience a lot of issues, with funding, and paying via STP. We  handle the recurring subscriptions manually for STP till they come back to normal but if you encounter problems with your AIOP subscriptions via STP, please let us know! If STP doesn`t come to normal during the next week we will take other measures to help everyone using STP.

4. Nearest Future Projects . Now we are working on 2 things, that will take a while but will be great:
- Redesign and update the Autoresponder (already in work) and redesign and update the AIOP main site (scheduled for next month)
- Next week will start the work on our earlier project of  adding the 3rd level  of upgrade for AIOP which will be different of the first two and will bring something new for Sponsors.
Our Even up system (protected under the trade mark copyright and intellectual propriety) will have different options according to the upgarde level.
- We`ll reach soon at 6000 active users, so we decided to set a points system to reward the AIOP affiliates. Working on this to get the best of it for members.

5.New  Promo codes, Special for AIOP Members Only - already added in members area under the News button. Thank you to all offering the free special codes  for AIOP members.

Last added is for Mailer Cashin - David Wright - who  is also launching today
a  brand  New Advertising site with Solos/banners with  a super fast 1x3 cycler added to enhance the earnings  potential. Launching in about 4-5 hours but
you may take a look  and a spot right now
(The advertising site is connected to the TurboCashSolo Network so ads are spreading.)

4.Teams around AIOP - Warm welcome the new teambuild lead by Mirel Besho.With this we count no less than 8 teambuilds. We do appreciate and support all the groups and teams promoting AIOP as well as each and every individual. As you may know we try to help everyone
as much as possible.
Reason to ask the teambuild using the AIOP site header on a Matrix team site, to replace it proper. Please, read the TOS.

5. Thank you for all your  messages and feedback emailed  to us, we like to believe that we are building the AIOP family. We recommend you also to  use the Testimonials feature and post your messages ( and your referral link for any business including AIOP)

5. Hiring staff - support, marketing assistant manager, programming. Set the requirements and analyzing the options, but is still an open offer.

Wishing you a safe and prosperous week ahead,

AIOP Management Team

Saturday, September 21, 2013

First AIOP Payment

Hi there friends!

Yesterday I requested my first payment from All in one Profits and today I got my payment notification in my inbox :)
You see I've earned a total of $20 so far. Not much but at least it is something :) My monthly fee is almost covered: you know you "almost" break even with just one referral. Why almost? Because of the processor fees.
Here is the screen shot from my PayPal account:
So let's keep working on this one and try to get some more referrals :)